Skills Development

A process of identifying your skills gaps and developing these skills

Employers who fall within the armpits of the Skills Development Levies Act pay 1% levy of their total salary and wage bill, payable to SARS, for the training and development of people. More than half of the contribution is available for the reimbursement of training expenses incurred by that employer in the form of mandatory, pivotal and discretionary grant funding, provided they are compliant with the requirements as detailed by Seta

We can assist clients qualify for grant payments for example through following:

  • Inter-SETA transfers
  • Determining job profiles and categories of employees
  • Conducting a skills audit and highlighting skills gaps
  • Researching and aligning training requirements of positions with registered Unit Standards and qualifications
  • Completing Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  • Submitting a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to Relevant SETA
  • Advising the employer on the implementation of the WSP

We can assist clients to claim learnership grants from their respective SETA. We also assist with tax incentive claims when learnerships are involved.

For NQF level 1-6, the employer can claim a tax allowance of R40,000 (R60,000 for disability) per year and NQF level 7-10, It can claim a tax allowance of R20,000 (R50,000 for disability) per year.